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The mission of UVIR is to become a professional UV+IR+VIS three-light fusion imaging technology company. UVIR provide high cost performance cameras, and provide customized development for users. UVIR is not only satisfied to be nice supplier of UV imager in China, UVIR is also committed to becoming an excellent global supplier of high-tech products.

Due to the rapid growth in the global demand for UV cameras, UVIR hope to work together with suitable international distributors to promote the UVIR’s products and provide local services.

We expect our international partner is active in the electricity and railway market to sell and support UVIR’s products once they have been trained and certified. Our partners should have the basic knowledge of electricity and power maintenance and inspection technology, specially have the experience in UV and Infrared Imaging.

Responsibilities of Distributors:

? Distributor rights of UVIR products within the scope of authorization

? Promote the UVIR products to customers

? Assist in building UVIR into the top brand for UV Cameras

? Report to UVIR on projects and sale leads

? Provide daily customer visits and product demonstrations when necessary

? Support customers and provide after sales service

UVIR will provide:

? Certificate and authorization letters

? Technical Training and Support

? Customer visiting and demonstration

? Strict Protection

? High Cost Performance qualified products

? Reasonable Price and Discount

? Enough Spare Parts with Cost Price

? After-sales-service

If you wish to become a UVIR Distributor please contact UVIR International Marketing Director directly

- Mr. David:  David@uvirsys.com   UVIR@uvirsys.com

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