martedì 19 agosto 2014

Hitches between purple and gold

HITCHES. Hitches are things that I have to face off really often. My life is getting so busy lately, I'm always in a big mess with my exams, my upcoming graduation,tons of projects and obviously my blog. So with all these commitments the hitches are always around the corner. You're prolably wondering now why I'am telling this to you...This post should have been online yesterday, but for some unknown reason blogger decided to not collaborate and so here I am telling you about my lately misadventures.
But returning to the outfit...In these pics (taken in june) I was wearing one of my favourites colors combinations, purple and gold paired with my beloved Mango mini bag and a pair of as beautiful as

venerdì 15 agosto 2014

Black. White.

FEELING INSPIRED. There are no things in the world so closer but at the same time so away from each other, so different but that however belong each other as the black and the white.

lunedì 11 agosto 2014

Lace love

 LACE DETAILS. Hi dears! This is my first outfit post after my return (know more about HERE), actually these pics were taken before my long blogging break, last august exactly one year ago today,but I love them so much that I thought it was nice tho share them with you.
The dress I was wearing is still one of my favourite by far,so classy and chic,and omg I freaking love it's lace detail with the peplum waist. For the accessories I decided to keep it clean and neutral cause I want to put the attention on the dress..
Hope you like the result as I do.

DETTAGLI IN PIZZO. Buongiorno,questo è il mio primo outfit su Stylure,il primo dopo la mia lunghissima pausa. Ad essere sinceri però oggi ho deciso di "barare",si perche queste foto sono state scattate lo scorso

mercoledì 6 agosto 2014

Welcome to


NEW BLOG NEW LIFE. Hi everyone, today is a special day for me...After almost an year of lack here I am, happy to welcoming you to Stylure.
Many of you already know this blog and sure have noticed the little change I've done here starting from the name. Well...I missed blogging so much during this year and I thought many times to return, but I needed a new beginning so that's why the idea of Stylure...
My passions are not changed during this time, they are grown and this make me realize that I want something more from my blogging experience, so today with it starts a brand new chapter for me.
Do you want to follow me in this adventure?

Ps.Stay tuned for more posts and remember that you can follow me also here:


BLOG NUOVO VITA NUOVA. Buongiorno web! Oggi per me è un giorno davvero speciale...Dopo quasi un anno di assenza sono tornata e sono felicissima di darvi il benvenuto su Stylure.

giovedì 1 agosto 2013


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