martedì 9 dicembre 2014

My December wishlist | Stylure

WINTER WISHES. Hi guys,how is your start of the week?! Hope everyone had an amazing monday yesterday!
Today I wanted to do a kind of post that was one of the most popular on my blog in the past, today I show you my december wish list - just in case someone was wondering what to give me for

martedì 2 dicembre 2014

The shirt

SHIRT. Hi beauties. I know it seems has passed a century from my last post and probably this is not the perfect outfit to show in december 2, but hey I took these pics at the end of september or maybe at the beginning of october and I thought it will be nice to show however with the end there are so many countries in the world in were it's not fall, actually also here in Italy it doesn't seems fall at all.
I love that items that can build an outfit by themselves,and I tink these shirt is one of them...I love it

mercoledì 1 ottobre 2014

Little red dress

Hello world, I'm back - again - lately disappear and reappear as if nothing was...The fact is that my days are too short and I can never keep up with everything, but I will one day I promise!
Today, new outfit, new so to say because these are again photos of a few weeks ago as you can easily tell by summer mood of the the look. Let's move from the white of the last outfit to this wonderful  red dress by Mango, paired with my beloved Dudu bag and these beautiful but odiously

venerdì 19 settembre 2014

Nyfw S/S 2015 streetstyle

NY.Hi everyone, I'm writing this post directly from my bed, I told you last week on my socials -link at the end of this post to follow me- that I'd been away from the blog for some days because of my exam but after that, i got sick so I had to take some more days of rest, and today I feel a bit less suck so since I am little bit nervous for not posting anything on the blog for a week now,I decided to make this post.
I started following the fashion weeks as every season-highlights coming soon-and as usual in the fashion month I love to see all the street style looks show off during the fashion weeks.
Here is my selection from the streets of New York, I have to say this season the outfit wasn't that fancy as

lunedì 8 settembre 2014

Girl in white

WHITE.You know what?! I really love colors,but at the end my favourite one (or not one whatever you want) is white.


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